Peter Saenz

Book: Darkness Peering: Tales from the Bent Side


Darkness Peering: Tales from the Bent Side brings to you 15 original tales of darkness and the macabre—with a distinctly LGBTQ twist. Written by 9 authors from around the country, this collection includes: Peter Saenz’s “The Gift,” in which a dying man is granted one final wish; “Going Home,” a story of a son going home to bury his father, but finds something else waiting for him; and “Subject 014: Feline,” where a science experiment goes terribly wrong.


14218136_10157300192660431_1657846047_nPeter Saenz spent the majority of his growing years in both Southern California and parts of South Texas. Authors like Anne Rice, David Sedaris, J.K. Rowling and Ronald Dahl have given inspiration to Peter’s writing. Peter’s book series, Coven of Wolves, was first released in 2012, with the Second book released in 2015. The third and final book in the trilogy is slated to be released in early 20147. Peter has also contributed works in several short story anthologies such as: Queer Tales, New Years to Christmas, and in Darkness Peering. He is also a supporting advocate for several causes including: Gay rights issues, animal care and protection and environmental awareness. Peter currently lives in Los Angeles with his husband Joseph.