May Walker

Book: Angel’s Way, A Lesbian Love Story by May Walker


Krista grew up in a small town in Southern Washington. It is the only home she has ever known. Krista has known her guardian angel since the day of her birth. He has always guided her and brought her comfort. When her mother suddenly lands a big job in Southern California however, nothing makes her feel comforted. Krista isn’t sure how she is going to make it through her senior year in a busy city. Searching for the peace only God can bring, she goes for a walk one morning and comes upon a pond. It is there that she falls in love with a girl who changes her entire perception of the world. But, is this a love that can last a lifetime?



099May Walker grew up in the Roman Catholic Church. A devote follower of Christ, she looked for a more accepting church when she first came out. After searching for a few months, she found her way to a quaint Episcopal Church in Diocese of Los Angeles. It was a very loving community with many ways to be involved. It was there that she fell even deeper in love with her faith. Several years later, she experienced a call from God to worship in the city. Like the character Krista, May was more interested in rural and suburban areas than of the city, at first. But, overtime, May came to love visiting Pasadena where she attends All Saints Church. Here, she learned of God’s radical welcome and inclusion for all persons regardless of your belief or unbelief in God. All are loved by God and all who know the way of love know God, because, God is love. Since arriving on the doorstep of All Saints Church in 2012 May has written three books of her journeys with the Holy Spirit and with God. God Loves You Gay, God Dwells in You, and Angel’s Way, a Lesbian Love Story.