Visit our Volunteer Sign-up Page to register for a Shift in the following areas.



Help exhibitors off-load materials and monitor the exhibitors product/materials while they park their vehicles).


Help exhibitors pack-up materials and watch their stuff/materials while they get their car).

21+ Area Gate Monitor

Must be 21 and over.  Check ID’s for the Wine Tasting area

Attendants at Author’s Forum Readings

Help attendees with directions to other workshops, restrooms, and distribute and collect event materials and forms.

 The Big Draw LA/Art Event

Help the public draw/paint as we participate in a county-wide Arts Experience;  assist the public to help us create an image that shows our commitment to LGBT community unification and equality.

Event “paparazzi”!

To wander the event and take digital still pictures (Must remain/be retained sole property of SGVPride, Inc.).

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